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Sunday, September 30, 2007
9:53 PM ;
Today is a very boring day. Woke up at 11am. play dota with Daryl Zh and Elias. We play til about 2 plus. From 3 pm i start studying Geography due to tomorrow's N level Geography. Although i like Mr Kenny Tan's lesson but i just don't understand why i can't understand Geography. I read Agriculture and Tourism. This two chapters are most likely will come out tomorrow. After studying it was already 5.45pm. I helped my mother and my grandmother to buy their dinner. After eating went to bathe.

Daryl was really horny for Thida. I just don't get it. He said that Thida will own me? I guess not cause shes two years younger than me. Daryl asked me for xiaohui's number because he wants to try to get Thida's number. In the end it all went down the drain. Xiaohui was like so "dao". I told Daryl it would be hard to make friends with xiaohui because she will not reply your messages. He tried to sms Xiaohui. Xiaohui starting asked who is he. He told her that he was my friend-.- I was like wtf. Daryl asked " Can we be friends? " Guess what? She did not reply. Daryl was OWNED.

Til then. Bye.

Saturday, September 29, 2007
9:39 PM ;
Not much today.

Went library with Rijia and Joey to study. We ate lunch at 1pm. At library i don't know why i don't have the mood to study. All I did was hear my ipod then read abit notes and start disturbing Rijia. What i did was say bad things bout her like. " Rijia, please stop feeding." After i told Rijia; she was laughing like WTF. She seems that she enjoy being a feeder? Sorry Rijia if i am bad to you because i am A BAD GUY. Some people they sure think i am a BAD GUY just because he/she say that i give he/she attitude. Perhaps i am a BAD GUY. Maybe in the future i shal help OSAMA? Osama will be my allies in the future i guess or maybe in the future you watch the news you will see " Wanted person Donovan lim." Anyway i got used to it.

I have nothing to write already. Got to go for now.

Friday, September 28, 2007
7:08 PM ;
Today didnt went to school because im sick. Woke up around 12 plus.

My mother dam what lor, my grandfather said that he wanna buy lunch for me but i was sleeping so he called my mother. He asked my mother what i wanna eat then she told my grandfather not to buy food for me. I was starving like fuck. When i woke up my mother asked me to eat bread and the bread is so dam small. After eating the small bread I went to take medicine. Playing dota with Elias Zihao and Daryl after taking my medicine.

Came back here to blog after playing with them. I guess I have nothing to write already. Well I'll stop here.

Thursday, September 27, 2007
6:59 PM ;

This is my very first time blogging. I really got nothing to do at home. So i decided to make a blog. This maybe a boring blog for you but i don's really care whether you like it or not. If you find it sucks please kindly leave. Today as usual went to school in the morning at it was raining like GOD. Today is also a boring day in school. School sucks.

Caught a flu from my mother. Went to see the doctor after school and i have got a mc so tomorrow will be a resting day for me. Just came home and blog. Thanks Jessica xiaomei for teaching me to blog. Thanks.

I guess i got nothing to write? I got to go for now if i got the time i come back to blog.