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Sunday, March 30, 2008
1:00 AM ; Hello all -.-
Im SUPER lazy to update the blog.

School sucks lar for fuck sake. School is like a second home to me i can just like go in the fucking classroom and start to sleep. Fucking school with a fucking principal and with fucking teachers with fucking subject _|_

How i wish i can just can into a fucking ite and fucking relax myself. Ite is like so shiok lar knn can relax so much. See secondary school nah bei cheebye need study this study that when i actualy fucking hate to study. When i open my books it really make me not interested in the subject. Fuck this man.

To those readers out there fucking dont be like me. School is there for a reason but i just fucking hate that fucking reason. Cb fucker MOE die better lar knn compulsory school fuck you upside down lar cb.

Im not in the mood to carry on type out what ever fucking shit i wanna say.

Til then bye