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Monday, October 29, 2007
Seriously to my opinion POLICE ARE GOVERNMENT DOGS.

Just now i left my house to go and find Eugene and Leon. Guess what? I took out my cigarette and started to light. I saw some four uncles so i don't really care. When i walking towards them one of the uncles stop me, another one took out his police pass and show me. They asked me how old i am i told them i 16 years old. Four of them come xia lan me very fuck.

They took my ic and write my name down AND TAKE PICTURE SOMEMORE KNN. They wanted to give me a fine but in the end never give because he told me either i throw my cigarette away or they give me a fine. So i decided to throw away my cigarette. After that they gave me back my ic and left.

When to find Eugene and Leon at White Sands arcade. Play til 10pm. When to mac slack for a while and go back home.


Til then BYE.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today meet wei how joey and jon. Play lan at Eastpoint. After that went to White Sands meet eugene. Play arcade til 10pm. After that went to mac and slack.

Reach home about 11.45pm came back to blog.

Til then bye.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today very shit. Nothing to do. Went Eastpoint to meet Wei how, Jon and Cheng. Play lan at there for the whole day -.- Waste alot of money.

Went home after that. Came back to blog.

Til then bye.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
11:05 PM ; I AM A BAD GUY
TODAY SCHOOL REALLY SUCK. It was like only 11 people? wtf lor. Other school 4N students finsih their N level and they no need to go school. You see my school? fucking shit. Have to go back school after N level. Today in class we did nothing at all. Watch Charlie and the Chocolate factory. After watching we stay a computer lab C all the way til maths period. Maths that time was really crap. Only 3 people were there.

Went home after school. Played a few rounds of DOTA with Shijie, Lok, Gene and Daryl. Nothing much for now.

Til then bye.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007
9:33 PM ;
Sorry for not blogging for so many days.

Jessica xiaomei ask me why i never blog, because im lazy wahahahaha. For the past few days, is really a boring day for me. Today went to meet Elias, Zihao, Daryl and Zamir go Elias house there de Mac to study. I did not study because my N level are over WOHOO. They study while i playing my psp. After that meet Davin, Baitao and Chun kiat go Eastpoint play lan. After that go home. Jessica xiaomei go good. She pei me talk all the way til i reach home. So sweet right? Dont jealous wahahaha.

Im back home and now blogging.

Til then bye

Thursday, October 4, 2007
10:24 PM ;
Today no school because today is N level History. I need not take because im taking Geopgraphy. Did nothing much today. Went bowling with Eugene, Shi jie, Tim, Wai hon and Zihao. Played til about 8pm.

Went home after that. Just came back and blog.

Til then bye.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007
9:42 PM ;
No school today wahaha because today is N level art and maths. Maths and art i do not need to take because im taking O level maths and F&N. Woke up at 11am. Play a game of dota all by myself. After a game i went to bathe then change and went to meet joey, weijie and daryl. Have lunch at Macdonald. After that went Safra to play bowling with eugene.

Play til around 7pm. Went home after that. Just came home to blog.

Til then bye.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007
9:48 PM ;
I had my N level Physics and Chemistry. Physics i am confident enough to score an A1 because the paper is seriously easy. Chemistry was seriously cock up because the paper is really very difficult. After my Chemistry paper, I went down to the canteen and find Jia de to tell him about the papers because he smsed me ask me to tell him the questions. Jessica xiaomei was there too. She asked me how was my paper I told her that i will get an A1 for my Physics. She sit down there and laugh because she thinks that i am jokking. Haha nvm. Its okay. Jia de was asking me bout the Chemistry paper. Jessica xiaomei walk to me and whack me at my arm. After whacking she laugh and laugh and laugh. But i don't care because it does not hurt at all. Went home after talking to Jia de bout the papers.

Reach home did not do anything. Went to bathe and lie on my bed and play my psp. At about 5.20pm Daryl asked me to play dota. Played one round and Eugene, Lok, Botak and Tim came in. Actually i wanted to go to my ah ma's house to eat. She called me and ask me to go over and eat. When i went to her house, she told me something that is really very funny. She told me that she have forgotten to cook rice. I was laughing and laughing. I told her i go back home play game then after that go her house eat. She said okay. Played one round of dota and went back to ah ma's house to eat.

Just finished a game of vampirism, so came here to blog. Now i am on the phone with Jessica xiaomei. Got to go.

Til then bye.

Monday, October 1, 2007
9:26 PM ;
Okay. Today's N level Geography was really crap. The map reading was easy. The section about the cultivation of wet rice i really ' catch no balls '. The tourism part is quite easy. But some parts of the tourism i forgotten so i anyhow write. The overall paper was not that difficult but one thing that is for sure i will fail the paper.

After N level Geography i stay and canteen with kelvin to study physics. While we were studying Haadiy came and send the song kelvin wants. Just nice it was the express student having their recess. I saw Daryl and Joey at the canteen, i asked Daryl if he wants to ask Thida for her number. In the end all i saw was Daryl staring at her thats all -.- While i saw Thida she was with Xiaohui. WOOOO. Get to see her wahahaha. After their recess we went back class to see if there is any teacher teaching the Through Train students. When we got back class there was no sight of any teacher. It was English period. Mrs Renuka Kal did not come therefore a relief teacher came in. His name was Mr Goh.

Kasman asked me about dota stuffs, then the Mr Goh heard what we two are talking he start to say about his dota skill -.- He say until like " wtf so pro " But nevermind all dota players are like that. After that lesson was my actual recess. We went down to eat. After recess was Mr Kenny Tan's lesson i waited for him to talk about the Geography paper. He said he saw the paper already. Kelvin asked me if i want to go Safra for some bowling games i told him i don't feel like going because i was tired. He keep pester me ask me to go. In the end i asked him to play pool he say okay. We play about two to three games. Kelvin say he wanna play a round of bowling so i sit there and watch him play.

After bowling went home. Wei how called me and asked me to go ep and study. I went home bathe and change then come out meet him. After meeting him we study for awhile then he eat his dinner and he went home and i also went home. Just reach home and came to blog.

Til then. Bye.