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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
10:12 PM ; Okay Im back.
Im here to post is because alot of people have been nagging me asking me to update. Fine im here to update.

School sucks big time lar. Everyday so early wake up make me always not enough sleep and make me look like a zombie -.- I dont think i can even make it to a Polytechnic next year. I really dam lazy to study. When i open the book and start reading i tend to fall asleep.

Always when my mum nag at me asking me to study i always think of playing game. Aiya fuck school. Fuck moe. This few days as usual school after school in focus after in focus go home. Everyday like that. CAN DIE LAR _|_

By the way O levels this year and i fucking join a Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 team called the Devil's Right Hand ( DV.RH ) thats lame i guess. This friday will be the team battle -.- AND HOW IM GOING TO STUDY WHEN KEEP ON THINKING OF GOING OUT.

Nothing to write.

Til the bye. Erika Toda <3

Sunday, February 3, 2008
I really hate my life now. School sucks life sucks everything sucks.

Yesterday i got really pissed off by my mother. I told her that i will be home late. She sms me at 9.40pm saying that she will lock the door at 10pm. Wtf lar how i reach home by 20 mins . I called her and ask her. SHE BLOODY SCREAM AT ME FOR NOT GOING HOME WTF LAR. When i reach home she kept quiet and so do i. I told my friends if my mother scream at me i swear that i will pack my stuffs and leave the house but she didn't.

Today I got really very pissed off. I today wanted to clean the house. My grandfather called me and ask me that when i am free go to his house and clean the fan so i went over. When i reach his house i asked him use which pail and cloth. He asked me to wait. WTF LAR. HE SAID WHEN IM FREE GO OVER TO HIS HOUSE AND CLEAN. I REALLY DAM PISSED OFF AND I ASKED HIM SAY THAT HE ASKED ME WHEN FREE GO TO HIS HOUSE AND CLEAN THE FAN. THEN MY GRANDMOTHER SHOUT AT ME SAY YOU NOT HAPPY GO HOME. THAT MAKE ME MORE ANGRY. I OPEN THE DOOR AND GO BACK TO MY HOUSE.

When i reach home i lock myself in the room cleaning up my room. My mother knock my door and asked me what im doing. I did not even want to talk to her. She start screaming at me. I straight scream back at her. Last year when i going to take my N levels result she die die also want me to go 5n. SHE SCREAM AT ME AND SAY THAT SHE DID NOT FORCE ME TO GO TO 5N WTF LAR. I GO 5n IS BECAUSE I WANT TO GRANT HER WISH. SHE TOLD ME ITE THIS AND THAT.

I know that it is going to be a very hard challenge in 5n cause O levels which is a very big jump from N levels. I really hate my life. Everytime when my mother scold me i just kept quiet BECAUSE I RESPECT HER. Today she really make me dam pissed off and i really cannot take it thats why i scream back at her. Fuck up life -.- Everytime she scold me i really feel like dying but whats the point?

No mood to carry on typing.

Til then bye.