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Friday, December 14, 2007
12:23 AM ; YOO. Im back.
Hello people. Im back.

I came to blog because quite a few peeps asked me to update then i anyhow post lor :D Holiday is super uber boring. Gene ask me play back maple so i some how play for a while and somehow find maple BORING. Holidays SUCKS.

Holiday cant find job. Actually i have one but i dam pissed off of my supervisor so i quit. My last time job was to sell ice cream door to door. Some shit heads like to give me attitude. For example i press the doorbell the open and they saw me pushing the trolley and they just slam the door hard make me dam pissed off _|_.

Few more days and my N level results will be out. Hopefully i can go ITE cause i dont want to stress another year in Sec 5. Although my dream was to get into Polytechnic but after i took my N level exams i think that it is impossible for me to go Poly already. I will try my best. After getting my results if i really go to Sec 5 i promise i will study hard and get into Poly no matter what. Poly is cool. ITE is so omg.

Holidays is gonna end in like 2-3 weeks? Sian. Although holidays is boring but i really like holidays somehow cause i can relax at home unlike at school need to wake up so fuck early in the morning just to go school -.- and school zomg got some crap in focus program then need to stay back til 4.30pm so fuck _|_

I miss school somehow although its tiring everyday.

I guess thats all i have to say. Happy holidays everyone.


Til then bye.