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Monday, August 17, 2009
7:28 PM ;
Wtf is wrong with blogger? screw it.

I'm taking my Final Theory Test tomorrow. Wish me luck peeps!

3 more week to exam. I'm so gonna buck up and study.

Monday, August 10, 2009
3:40 AM ;
When drinking with qy bird and co. didnt know today was underage party if not i wont go already. Drink quite alot damn drunk right now. Vomit just now. dont ask why. i dont wish to say. ok bye.

til then bye.

Sunday, August 9, 2009
6:06 PM ;
Hello all once again.

Yesterday went to watch GI JOE with the usual cliques. That show was not bad.

Received a sms from her yesterday. Just friends? Care for you all the while you choose to be friends? why must you be like this? I already told you i won't bother bout your past, but you choose to think of the past and STILL like them. So what your ex got gf? must you cry for him? No? already say past le why do you still bother so much? What my friend told me about you was right. i should not even know you in the first place. always say guys not good might as well you go be lesbian sua. Never even want to give others a chance to try out, how you know all guys are like that? Please. For fuck sake you are still young you think everything will last long? I don't care if you see this or not i just want to fucking vend out everything right here. You always say yourself a bitch, don't want to cheat other people's feeling but i believe you have already cheat many's feeling already. Why are you like this? Please fucking change you way of thinking can or not? You think everything can last now? To you, all guys are like that but i think not, cause you haven't even find the right guy. Is you bad luck found those guys and that doesn't mean all guys are like that. After all you really disappoint me. You want to do from now on i can't be bothered already, exams coming don't want to study keep go club. what's the point? You always like that, need me come find me don't need me throw me away who you think i am? your toy? fuck you.

Thanks to all readers taking your time to listen to what i want to say i'm just fucking pissed off and really want to vend out my anger.

Til then bye.

Monday, August 3, 2009
11:03 PM ;
Hello all.

Today was a very hot and humid day omfg and also a very bad day zzz.
First, i failed by FTT and next will be on 18th of August. Hope this time round i will pass zz.
Pretty shock that i fail cause my both e trial all pass -.-

I have received my exam timetable already.
7th September 2009 DPA 3-5
9th September 2009 CNN 3-5

I must study cause ITE life is like WAY EASIER than secondary school. Sec school so many subjects to study, no wonder so many sec school students so stress -.-

I must buck up already, stop playing games, watch drama etc.

I'm going to bed already. Goodnight all.

Til then bye.

Sunday, August 2, 2009
4:35 AM ;
Hello peeps.

My blog has revived! lol. i know i have not been blogging for ages!
I edit abit of my blog and so i came to blog a small post lol.

School was alright, exams are around the corner and i have to buck up to get a good GPA.

Monday I will be taking my Final Theory Test, wish me luck!

I guess I have to stop here, take care folks :)

Til then bye.