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Sunday, June 1, 2008
3:51 AM ; Hello all.
Hows life everyone?
I have got back my mid year exam results and guess what? i did a very good job by achieving good grades for them. Below are the grades for my results.

English - F9
MT - D7
Maths - C6
F&N - F9
Combine Humans - F9
Combine Science - F9

L1R4 - 40
L1R5 - 49

Ain't their good? I almost score full marks man song boh?

School is getting fuck up each day. Other people are having 1 month school holiday. As for me is like only 1 and a half week? I have to go back school for extra lesson for the first 2 weeks. On the 3rd week i have to go KL with school for geography fieldtrip and I left with 1 week plus to rest myself. No choice cause i'm having my o level examination this year. With those kind of results how am i suppose to get in a polytechnic? I know ITE isn't that good actually but if i have to get in to ITE then there is no other choice.

On tuesday i just got a scolding from the discipline master for not behaving myself in class. The teacher come and shout at me asking me to leave the class cause I sleep in her lesson. I did not even sleep i just put my head down and open my eyes big and look at the screen. Other people sleep she ask them to wake up and wash face don't you think she is bias? In school teacher are always right we students are forever wrong. When ever the teacher is wrong they will just say until is our fault. wtf right? nvm I will tahan til the end of this year cause i really need to buck up for my upcoming o level examination.

I hope i could get in to a poly and a course that i want. I really don't want to disappoint my mother. I will try my best no matter what.

I've got nothing else to type already.

Til then bye.