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Saturday, April 26, 2008
Back to blog again.

How are you all? Today took my fucking english and chinese paper 1. I got a fucking serious headache and i cant concentrate when i doing the papers. Firstly I MUST THANK TO MISS FELICIA LEE CAUSE SHE GAVE ME A " FONG YOU " I rub it under my nose and the feeling was omfg nbcbpcb. Hot like some fuck and make me cant sleep so that i can concentrate.

The paper was fuck up. So fucking kuku shit. Come out all sorts of fucking questions. Today those fucking malay boys keep asking around how to do the format for english i ji tao reply shut the fuck up and do yourself. Then they say i step? Step what? Step down and up or inside out? Or what shit? Who gives a damn on them.

Went home straight after the papers. Bathe and had a nap because i am so tired and having a serious headache. When i woke up i had my dinner and i went out to find my friends. Actually today wanted to go clubbing. I asked my mother and she start screaming at me i was like wtf? -.-

Just reach home and blogging here.

I guess i had nothing much to say.

Last but no least. SEX FOR LIFE.

Til then bye.

Monday, April 21, 2008
12:28 AM ; HELLO.
Getting fuck up by the fucking class.

To those mother fuckers in my class, die early please. I think that their parents are dead because they like boh ka lan one no manners then at there kaopei kaobu kaninabu chao cheebye.
Recently in my class we got this fucking bitch who love backstabbing and think that what she did was right. Think twice before saying? Fuck you bitch. Die early please thank you. You are so fucking ugly and at there act cute like some mother fuckers, please lar you think you very big ah kanina fuck you lar. To those reader of my blog for your info my class fucking hell only got 7 chinese and 26 fucking malays. They are so fucking racist. They call people names and disturb them and they think they very big. Disturb finish then come say sorry kanina i slap you and say sorry you happy anot? die better lar nbcb pcb

Actually my school is so fuck up. Like i say before fucking school with fucking principal, fucking teachers and fucking classmates. How i wish singapore does not have School. AND WHAT MOE ministry of entertainment? Die better lar.

My class like that you call them educated? More like they are no educated. They think they good? In your dreams ya? Fuck you all bitches.

I got no mood to carry posting of my fucking class/school

Til then BYE