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Monday, August 25, 2008
12:09 AM ; RIP Witaya and Chan Hong.
After all you are still my friends although we dont really talk in school. The moment i saw the news i was really shocked and i feel very sad also. We all will miss you. No matter what, you all will still be my friends in my heart. Take care guys. You two will be missed by all of us.

I know that we all dont really talk to each other in school. You are Jinan's brothers and also my friend. It is really very shocking to see the news. It is so unexpected. I guess everyone is moodless now.

I'm moodless too. Take care.

Til then bye.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
7:31 PM ; hello.
As usual, i'm getting fuck up by school as days goes by.

Got back my O level mother tongue results. As usual i got a C6 -.- everyone was happy enjoying getting good grades, why cant i get a good grade like how others did? Prelims is just next friday and i till now haven even start revising. I had already made my decision and which is going to ITE next year instead of a Polytechnic which i wish to get in to. I have totally given up hope for my studies. I just cant memorise a single bit. What i have learnt today i will eventually forget it the next day. How can i go on like this?

School is really a fuck up place. Although my teachers have high hopes on me but in the end i disappoint them. Every time in school i try my best to give me 100% attention to all my subjects lesson so that i could remember what the teacher had taught me.

Its been almost a year and exams are just round the corner. Actually my class people are getting better now not like the past where they disturb people for no reasons. I can see that everyone in my class is putting effort to study hard for the upcoming O level exam.

My teachers always ask things about me like how is my studies etc but actually i did not even study -.- my form teacher made the effort to do a study timetable for me but i just cant follow it. Everyday after school then have in focus. By the time infocus finish its already 4.30 and when i reach home is already almost 6. Do you think i can follow the timetable? obviously its no. After getting the mother tongue results i actually went moodless. Everyone in my class that scored no that good grades also turn moodless.

After prelims will be O level. I swear that i will get into ITE higher nitec. I already give up hope in studies totally cannot be bothered by it. The only time i study which is during lessons. When i reach home i already tired like what already how to study?

I got nothing more to say and i shall end here.

Til then bye.