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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
1:18 AM ; YO IM BACK.
HELLO PEOPLE. Sorry for not tagging FOR SO LONG. WAHAHAHAH. Kinda lazy blogging. Holidays are really boring.

Did not find work cause i lazy go find one ><

Saturday went white sands with Josh, Mich ( josh 's friend ), Leon and Eugene. I met them at food court at 7pm+. When arcade after that. Actually on Saturday afternoon i by right should go bugis and find mich, josh, leon, yonglong and kelly(mich's friend ) i did not go because i overslept ><
When arcade after meeting them and i spend my time down there looking at josh play his WANGAN. Kinda boring. When home at 10.30pm.

Sunday stay at home whole day using com. When dinner with my mum.

Monday as usual stay at home use com again.

I guess i have nothing to say.

Til then bye.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
1:01 PM ; Hello i'm back.
Sorry didn't update my blog for a long time because i lazy to blog ><

People nowadays have really change. My friendship with them is getting a big distance. When they need help from me they will approach me and treat me nicely. When they do not need any help from me they will just show attitude wtf is this -.-

Nevermind about all this. Like what mandarin speaks xi guan jiu hao.

For the pass few days i have been scolded by my grandmother because i went out every single day. I told her not to wait for me to reach home. She just want to wait. I almost everyday 11+pm reach home and see her she will start to nag.

Guess nothing to write?

Til then bye.