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Monday, May 5, 2008
2:07 PM ; What an idiot -.-
This week will be a relaxing week as i am having my mid year examinations. Last paper will be on this Friday. This is good cause i no need to see those malays in my class for that long. I'm so prepared to fail my mye. I will only chiong for prelims and o lvls itself.

To those passerby in my tagboard, stop being stupid for god sake. You already got owned by us aren't you? Those who call other people loser they themself are also loser. Loser is for those who really LOSE in something. Stop being a blog hopper hopping around people's blog and giving your comments -.- What is the purpose of blog? Is to write what happen to you, what you like or what you dont like. I blog all this BECAUSE THIS IS MY BLOG NOT YOURS. I have the right to write whatever i want to write. If you are not happy with this i cannot do anything also AND JUST KEEP YOUR COMMENTS OR YOUR FEELING ABOUT ME OR MY BLOG ALL AWAY CAUSE IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS. Stop being an idiot please.

You dont like people scold vulgar dont you? Let me ask you then. Did you yourself scold vulgars too? Please think. Your friends will scold vulgars too dont they? What will you do? Like how you do in my blog? Asking people to get a life and not scolding vulgarities? Please lar how old already. Dont be an idiot going around asking people to get a life or change our life. This life belongs to me i like to do what i like is all none of your business. Not happy you can just get lost from this blog.

People nowadays so stupid -.- Or should i say kids nowadays are more childish?

What an idiot-.-

Til then bye.

Saturday, May 3, 2008
12:18 AM ; Hello all
How are you all today?

Had my EL paper 2 and SS. Im gonna flung my MYE le. I just don't have the mood to study. How i wish O levels would come now. I can just take it and then leave the bird school -.- I just cant stand my class already. More and more nonsense coming out from them.

To all the readers. Keep your comments to yourself.

Nothing else to write already.

Til then bye.