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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
5:40 PM ; Random.
First let me get the dust off my blog first. It's been awhile ever since i last blog.

Holiday is really very boring for me. Some how i wish to go back school but not so early larrr. School although also boring but still got friends to talk with in class. Well my JAE i was posted to Simei ITE Higher Nitec in Electronics Engineering. Still have around 2 months before my school start. Although i didn't make it for Poly but i will do my best in ITE. I hope all my secondary school classmates will keep contact with each other.

Last week went to Sam's chalet. Enjoy myself there. Before that went for fishing. The SUN is like wtf, damn fucking hot. Upcoming march im gonna be a crazy guy cause will be going for fishing once in a week. I myself also don't know why i'm so into fishing nowadays. haha.

Seriously to those Secondary Kids some how reading my blog. Please take my advice. Study hard and go to a poly or JC. Never ever go to ITE. Although ITE's technology can be same as Poly but i still prefer poly. Good luck.

Til then bye. Take care peeps.